Why Paid Traffic Is Best for Building Your Business

online trafficA lot of budding entrepreneurs falsely assume that they can just let the Internet…

…automatically generate free traffic for them while they run their businesses and work on the creative side of their company.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. It’s paid traffic that can allow you that freedom—to an extent.

I have no doubt that the best method to generate traffic, get more leads, and build your online business is paid traffic. I’ll explain why.

Choosing the Right Method

I had to decide between paid and free traffic. While researching, I realized that I would have to part with some cash to run paid traffic, like utilizing Google AdWords for example.

Therefore, free traffic seemed like a much more attractive choice; all I had to do was start my own blog or create some of my own content without paying a single dollar.

For most entrepreneurs, saving money is a very tempting incentive.

The Value of Time

I soon figured that uploading video content and writing engaging blog postsworking on your online business are extremely time-consuming. It would take me up to three hours to write one decent article.

That’s when I started to experiment with paid traffic. I’ve never looked back since.

Paid Traffic Is Instantaneous

The main advantage of paid traffic is that the results and process are fast in comparison to free traffic. You simply pay money for ads and within 24 hours, you can get a number of clicks.

Comparatively, not only does free traffic take up a lot of time, but it also requires a lot of involvement. The average person stands little chance in ranking through SEO these days.

It’s not as easy as it used to be to rank by keywords. New entrepreneurs will only waste their valuable time and could end up feeling frustrated due to the lack of results.

online trafficPaid traffic also allows you to see, monitor, and analyze results in an efficient manner, thereby giving you an insight of what works and what doesn’t.

Through paid traffic, you can check the number of clicks, leads, and sales you’re getting.

But remember, the process doesn’t stop there. If you’re getting a high number of leads, be sure to act swiftly; convert those leads into sales to gain profit and grow your business.

According to Marketing Sherpa, “Seventy-nine percent of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance.”

Spend to Earn

The biggest companies in the world, like Apple, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, don’t dabble in free ads. They probably don’t even need to advertise their products thanks to their well-known credibility and global influence, but they still spend millions on advertising.

If you aspire to join the big league of businesses, then you also need to invest in your traffic generating methods. It may be a cliché, but you really do have to spend money in order to make money.

Investing your money into something will make you care about your results more and devote attention to it.

Also, you might end up feeling apathetic towards the free traffic resultspaid traffic since you don’t actually invest any money in it.

That’s a natural human reaction, but it could turn into a very slippery slope. Successful businesses have no room for blasé attitudes.

According to PR Checker, “With paid services you have nothing to worry about, as your listing will be placed strategically on the page in order to attract the attention of internet users.”

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend loads of money on ads when you’re starting out. Even if you only spend $5 a day on Facebook ads, you’re still on the right path since paid traffic will always be better in acquiring customers for your business in the long run.

Remember, generating traffic is just the start. With the help of paid traffic, you can get more leads to convert and nurture.

Marketo states that, “companies that excel at lead nurturing can generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost.”

To help you with your traffic needs how does your own traffic coach sound to you…?

He/she will lead you by the hand to ensure that you cut out all the mistakes make by the vast majority of other marketers! Check out the video below…

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