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There are various social media channels around. I personally think the treatment should be different. For example, I found these three visually driven social media platforms that allow you to have fun and be creative in telling a story about your business while, at the same time, increasing your brand awareness and audience engagement.


Essentials to Know:

Social_MediaIf the Gen Y could only have one social media app on their phones, we believe it would be Instagram.

The photo- and video-sharing app has been gaining popularity since it was released in 2010, with 300 million active users in late 2014.

This can be attributed partly to the app’s clean and user-friendly interface, where users can easily scroll through a feed of images and videos posted by the accounts they follow. More recently, Instagram also launched their ads service that gives brands a new way to reach a particular audience.

What Users Like:

The saying “Content is king” cannot be more accurate when it comes to Instagram.

Users have a tendency to follow people or brands that let their unique identities shine on their post—for instance, through a beautiful product photo or a 15-second behind-the-scenes video.

Hashtags also play a big role in reaching more people on Instagram, so always tag your post with relevant keywords, but use them in moderation.

Getting Started:

Think about the qualities that make your brand or business stand out. Is itsocial media platform your product selection? Is it a certain value or cause you support?

Then, figure out how to translate them into an array of visual posts for Instagram.

You can start by posting good, well-lit photos of your products, your office surroundings, your inspirations—anything that you think represents your business.

You can also try starting a #hashtag campaign that invites users to post photos related to your brand. Let’s say you work in an eyeglasses company. Your users can participate by posting stylish photos of themselves wearing your glasses with a creative hashtag.

In turn, you can re-post their photos on your own account and have more content to work with in the process.


Essentials to Know:

Launched in 2010, Pinterest serves as a digital inspiration board where users can “pin” images on their specifically themed pin boards. For instance, a board titled “Brunch Inspirations” will feature everything from table settings to a cup of latte.

Pinterest is considered a social network since users can re-post images from other pinners’ boards. Each pin can be linked to your website so pinners can know more about your products and services.

Just like other platforms, Pinterest also provides a servicecalled Promoted Pins that will have your pin seen by more people.

What Users Like:

Because Pinterest functions like a digital scrapbook, each user has a different mission when they use the platform. A bride-to- be, for example, will cull every image of wedding dresses she encounters into her pin board.

But in general, attractive images—that of a cool pair of heels worn by a model or even a delicious-looking burger—will encourage more people to re-pin your image and place it in a context relevant to their own interests.

Getting Started:

social media platformsA good place to start is to decide what pinboard themes represent your business.

If you work in an e-commerce company, it will be a good idea to create boards based on the product categories you have, such as “Stylish Summer Dresses” or “Cool Gadgets to Have Now.”

You have the creative freedom to play around with these themes, but always make sure that the images you post are of great quality. Lastly, don’t forget to link each image to a corresponding page on your own website.


Essentials to Know:

Snapchat is one of the most talked about mobile social media apps among millennials now, mainly due to the short lifespan of content posted on it.

A Snapchat user can post a “snap”—a photo or a video that plays for a maximum of 10 seconds—that can only be viewed within 24 hours before it completely vanishes.

Users can also add a caption as well as colorful doodles to their snap before posting it into their Snapchat story, which compiles all of the snaps into a continuous montage. As such, this platform is perfect to showcase a more spontaneous and creative side of its users as they go about their day.

What Users Like:

Many brands are using Snapchat in various ways, but a common thread connecting them is a tendency to tell an engaging and creative story through their snaps.

The fashion e-retailer Everlane, for instance, did a Snapchat campaign that gave hints to their followers to locate their secret shop selling limited-edition items.

Meanwhile, the fast-food chain Taco Bell, once made a live six-minute movie composed of snaps to promote their new menu. The more creative your content is, the more interested your followers will be about your brand.

Getting Started:

Unlike the picture-perfect photos and curated feed you encounter onsocial media platforms Instagram, Snapchat gives your brand a chance to show off its raw, unfiltered side.

With that in mind, you can basically snap any object or occasion that will fascinate your followers: a catalog photo shoot, a behind-the- scenes look at how your product is made, or even a typical day in your office.

You can also play around with a creative storyline related to your business. There is no right or wrong when it comes to Snapchat, but it pays off to present a more intimate look into your business.



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