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One of the most popular questions I get asked is, “What is the best advertising platform to market MOBE and get my business off the ground?” Unfortunately, there is no best or correct answer to this question.

In fact, it’s not the right question you should be asking.

Best_advertising_platformIt’s true that different online marketing platforms, such as Facebook or Google…

…will have varying demographics with some overlap.

So choosing one will have an effect on the quality of leads you obtain.

However, where to advertise is only part of the overall solution.

What new MOBE consultants should be thinking about, besides advertising platforms, is a combination of strategies that ultimately produce sales.

These include: writing better ads, targeting the right audience, obtaining more leads and sending those leads to your sales funnel.

Let’s briefly go through these one by one, including advertising platforms, to give you a better approach to getting your business off the ground.

Write Better Ads

The first thing you can do to get your business off the ground is concentrate on writing better ads. Writing copy is a skill that can’t be learned overnight. In fact, the ability to write is almost its own muscle in your body.

To make this muscle strong and perform at a world class athletic level, it must be exercised. So write every day, practice and try new ad copy to see what works.

You should also check out what’s already working. best advertising platforms

Find examples of successful sales copy and read it. Then read it again. Read it every morning for two weeks.

That’s how you start to get a ‘feel’ for how effective copy is put together, how it moves and develops reader interest, culminating in a strong desire to buy.”

Target Audience

It’s easy to waste a lot of time and money chasing after an audience that just doesn’t care. It’s why I recommend paid advertisements more often than free ones, as you’ll have more control over who sees your ads.

It’s crucial that you know your audience intimately, identifying not only their basic demographics, but applying that information to understand which platforms and sites they use.

Also it’s important to know what time of day and how often do they visit these sites.

The better you know your audience, the more effective you can make the copy for your ads, landing pages, sales pages and emails.

The Right Platform

There are many platforms in which you can place your paid ads. As I’ve already mentioned, what matters more is defining your audience and writing more effective ad copy.

Once you have done that, you’ll know which platform to use. You have Facebook, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more as options.

Get More Leads

advertising platformsThere are two ways to get more leads: paid and unpaid. I prefer the paid option because it’s usually cheaper.

You will spend too much time and money creating things like social media campaigns…

…blog posts and email marketing campaigns to generate what a paid ad could do.

Plus, the paid ad gives you a better chance at reaching a more targeted audience.

Sales Funnel

After you get your leads, you want to send them to your sales funnel. You need to turn that lead into a customer, and that happens here. One day, you might want to set up your own sales funnel.

In the meantime, use MOBE’s funnel and make a lot of money in commissions to start with.

Creating and understanding how a sales funnel can be effective takes a fewbusiness advertising platform different skill sets. The first part is leverage and the second is traffic.

Because you’re just starting out as a MOBE consultant, building out systems will take a while.

So in the meantime, make some money utilizing MOBE’s funnel with commission checks, and get paid to learn!

MOBE’s funnel has already been designed and tweaked over time for maximum efficiency. Our technique is proven with millions of dollars in commissions already paid out. This is the leverage in which consultants can take advantage.


In summary, there is no “best advertising platform” to get your MOBE consultancy off the ground. There are many great advertising options, you just have to choose what works best for you.

You discover that by finding out how to target the right audience. That starts with writing more effective ads and then using those ads to better target, which in turn gets you more accurate leads.

Finally, send your leads through MOBE’s sales funnel and watch those commission checks start piling up!


Article with kind permission of MOBE


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