Three Reasons You Need Your Own Branded Sales Funnel

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An affiliate marketer can make good money driving traffic to a company’s offers but you can’t compare it to the income potential of a marketer who has their own branded sales funnel. There are three reasons for this.


Have you ever gotten a job or a date through a friend? It’s easier than getting it by yourself, right? We are more likely to trust people we know and, by extension, we trust the friends of people we know, because if we like you, then your friends must be all right, too.

This is a simple example of positioning—the marketing strategy of making a brand occupy a particular position in the customer’s mind, differentiating it from the competition.

If your friend gets you a job or introduces you to someone, it positions youbranded sales funnel with that employer or date as being relatively safe. You’re okay—it’s friend of a friend. Anyone else is just a stranger.

Affiliate marketers drive traffic to a company offer, which is someone else’s self- branded funnel. It positions that someone as the expert. (In the case of MOBE, it’s me.)

The people who subscribe to that offer will come to see the owner of that funnel as being the expert. The affiliate marketer is mostly unseen and their involvement ends after the prospect signs up.

If a lead likes what they see, and if the expert is diligent in developing a strong relationship with their list, that list will come to know, like and trust the expert and will be more likely to buy from them.


When you have an audience that regards you as an expert, you have more control over your income than an affiliate marketer has.

By consistently placing ads, you will build a big list. Then, by routinely following up with valuable content and irresistible offers, you will develop that list into a loyal, responsive audience of leads and customers.

With such a “warm” list, you get engagement and response. Sooner or later, your leads become front-end customers. Some of those customers will eventually buy back-end items. You get income with every follow-up email.

Most affiliates, on the other hand, deal only with cold prospect traffic and front-end or relatively low-priced offers, for which they made a modest (or, in some cases, meager) commission.

sales funnelsThe only exception I know of is MOBE, whose consultants continue to make generous commissions on anything sold to the leads…

…they generated, even though those sales are closed by our in-house phone sales team.

But an expert with his/her own branded funnel doesn’t receive commissions; they receive the entire sale.


A branded expert is in charge of a company. They can create their own products, services, and events—as much or as little as they want. They are in control of how fast or slow the company expands.

An affiliate is not in charge of a company, but only markets what a company makes available in their affiliate programs.

I was an affiliate for over a year for another company before I started MOBE.

Gradually, I created my own products and began marketing them. I created a branded funnel and positioned myself as the expert.

Six years later, I am at the head of a company that has done more than $100 million in revenue and which I continue to build.

Final Thought

While affiliates can make very good commissions driving traffic to another company’s offers, it’s no comparison to what can be achieved by an affiliate that decides to brand him/herself as a marketing expert, build a list and create and market his/her own products.

The latter is the route to a true business empire.



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