Three Must-Do Actions for New Affiliate Marketers




All experienced affiliate marketers know how to best spend their time. But when you’re totally new, it’s easy to get distracted because you don’t yet know which actions are critical to your success, which ones can wait, and even which ones are destructive to your progress.

affiliate marketingWhether you’re with MOBE or another company, at the basic level or the highest one…

…the advice in this article will help you avoid time-wasters and dead-end roads and get you moving on the path to online marketing success.

Drive Traffic

I am going to assume that your reason for getting into affiliate marketing is money-related—you want to make more of it, stop working a job for it, etc.

To make the money happen, you’ve got to get people to buy the product(s) or services you’re promoting. The fastest way to do that is to get a lot of people to look at your offer(s). A certain number of the lookers will buy.

“Traffic” is the name given to the stream of people that a marketer generates toward their offer. The fastest way to create this stream is with paid advertising. There are forms of free advertising, but there are real advantages with paid traffic including speed.

There are several forms of paid online advertising, including banner ads, solo ads, and pay-per-click ads. But you can also drive traffic to your offer using offline advertising methods, such as magazine and newspaper ads or direct mail.

So, the very first thing you need to do is study the subject of paid traffic. Learn about the different forms and choose the one that you will use.

Then, start placing ads. Set a goal to generate a certain number of leads—at least 10 a day at first—and keep placing those ads until you make your goal. Then set a bigger goal and keep placing ads until you make it.

Build Your List

Most new affiliates start out placing paid ads to drive traffic to the company’s lead capture page. This is a good way to go and frankly, you can continue to collect decent commissions by doing just this.

But the marketers who earn the most are the ones who create a brandbuild your list around themselves and drive traffic to their own lead capture page.

The reason for this is that when you drive traffic to the company’s lead capture page, they retain the contact information for the lead (or customer, if they made a front-end purchase) so they can continue to market to that lead/customer.

And they will: it’s well established in marketing circles that there’s a 60-70 percent chance of making a sale to a current customer, whereas there’s only a 5-20 percent chance of selling to a new prospect.

When you create your own lead capture page (which you can do at a site like and drive traffic to it, you retain the lead information.

When you’ve built up a big list of leads and you market to them regularly, you will see that you can earn considerably more than if you were only placing paid advertising to drive cold traffic to an offer.

I don’t mind if consultants swipe MOBE lead capture pages to create their own. We all started out that way. Borrow what works, put it into your own voice and style, choose a company name, get a decent photo of yourself, and you’re on your way to establishing yourself as a brand.

Email Regularly

send emails to your listAs soon as you get some leads through your own lead capture page, you must start emailing them regularly.

These leads opted into your offer because they were looking for a solution to a problem. Something about your offer (as presented on your lead capture page) gave them the idea that you had the solution, so they signed up.

They are expecting you to communicate to them about this solution. They are expecting you to provide information that can help them.

Your message to them will be a mixture of valuable information and calls to action to buy your offer(s).

If you don’t know how to write these kinds of emails then, again, there are plenty of very persuasive email marketers whose emails you can use as a model for your own. This “swiping” of ideas is how most people learn to write effective copy.

Write a new message to your list every day—or at least several times a week. They are receiving messages from other marketers every day, so if you let too many days go by, they will not come looking for you; they will simply forget about you.

What you are doing with your regular emails is building a relationship. To do that, you have to be consistent (communicating on a regular basis) and responsive (answering questions from your list as quickly as possible).

Final Thought

None of this is completely new information, but I find that I have to reiterate it because most people interested in making money on the internet are regularly bombarded with information from all kinds of marketers with the latest “secrets” and such.

There are plenty of distractions out there for new internet marketers, but success in this niche comes down to the three actions I just described.



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