They Stole My Affiliate Commission…

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I sent out a 1 quick question survey to you my subscribers asking for you to answer to the following question:

“What Are You Struggling With Right Now?”

One person answered with the following:

“I am not trying to make sales When ever i make a commission it gets pulled from my account and my account gets locked I started to assist oin October of 2016 todate they have not given me 10 cents i no i brouht in a lot of commission they keep making bull shit promeses but never delive, so my feelings are why should i try now when what ever i make will be drposited in my account that i can not open ever why try when you no the money is going elsewhere”

So in essence the company he/she is promoting as an Affiliate is stealing this persons commissions. It is deplorable that an Affiliate should be treated this way, by someone / some company who has spent time and money focusing their efforts to promote this company!

With that said I shoot a quick video explaining the steps that I take before spending to much time and money promoting a product / company as an Affiliate

I sincerely hope that this helps you in your Affiliate business 🙂

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