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Internet marketing newbies usually make the mistake of focusing on the wrong area of their business, which slows down their progress. Rather than developing crucial marketing strategies, they put all their efforts into brand advertising. A lot of time gets wasted on things like business cards and logo designs when they should be focused on attracting more paying customers.

marketing startegyMaybe it’s due to lack of direction, but a lot of people don’t understand that you have to take the shortest path from where you are now (no sales)…

…to getting a sale. It’s that simple. A lot of people overcomplicate this matter, and the best way to get started is to use direct response marketing.

Direct Response Marketing

To get a sale, you first have to communicate with your prospects. Direct response marketing is all about that. It’s a marketing strategy that contains specific calls-to-action and encourages the customer to take action.

Techopedia defines this strategy as “a type of marketing that elicits a specific, measured response resulting from a consumer’s direct response to a marketer.

Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a call-to-action and outcome via direct or online interaction for immediate feedback and response.”

For anybody starting out in this industry, direct response marketing shouldmarketing stategy be your first port of call. Sure, it’s an ego-boost to be knowledgeable about the latest “must-know” tactics…

…and secrets of sales and marketing but the very basic principles of selling haven’t changed.

Embrace Old Principles

A few years ago, one of the biggest soccer clubs in England’s premier division reappointed Kenny Dalglish, one of its most iconic managers who had been “out of the game” for 20 years.

When asked by reporters if he can survive contemporary soccer’s superficial climate and deal with the prima donnas who are modern soccer players, he confidently answered, “They’re still human beings, aren’t they?”

Dalglish went on to give the club’s drought-laden trophy cabinet its first piece of silverware in 6 years. Under his guidance, the club also went to another major final—all in his first season.

Having faith in basic principles that have previously generated successful results doesn’t make a new leader “old.” Instead, it exemplifies experience.

You shouldn’t fear old principles like direct marketing. Embrace it and get your first sale through the door; that should be your number one priority at this stage.


Call-To-Action (CTA)

Once you’ve communicated to your customers all of the great things about your product and service, you should include specific CTAs, such as “Call this number!” or “Respond to this email!” with a link to a lead capture page.

For more information on how to write a highly effective call-to-action, click here

The Main Advantage

Good direct response marketing requires a filtering process where your customers can learn about who you are and what service you have to offer.

It should filter leads that are well informed about your services, therefore being preconditioned to want to do business with you rather than your competition.


marketing strategy for newbiesOnce you’ve established your skills in direct response marketing, your next step is to focus on creating an ad.

This can be done through online paid traffic services or print media.

Whichever you choose, you should adjust your strategy based on the feedback and response that you receive. Remember, direct response marketing is a measurable strategy.

After you’ve achieved profitability, you should reinvest your money back into your business and keep your efforts consistent. If your first marketing strategy worked well, you should continue it for years to come.



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