The latest Business Lesson That I Learned the Hard Way…

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Online business presenceFelt the need to share this personal business lesson that I learned today.

I will try and keep it short…

Having moved from the UK to Spain 6 months ago I slowly but surely became lazy…

…in my listbuilding endeavours and emailing my list! (last time I emailed them was about 3 months ago)

Shame on me 🙁

The only “work” done by me was posting to my blog at least once per week. Thanks it!

Today I received two emails from XXXX

  1. Finish setting up your eWallet

  2. You have commissions

Bearing in mind I have not spoken to my list for a least 3 months and never promoted XXXX to them for at least 6 months Imagine my SHOCK when I found out I had just over $900 in my eWallet!

This can only be because I kept up my “blog posting”

Three things will happen as a result of the above

  1. Post more to my blog

  2. Start speaking to my list again giving value to re-establish dialogue

  3. Invest 50% of my commissions to increase my list

Thanks for reading my short story, hope it gives you a lightbulb moment as it did me 🙂

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