The Internet Has Changed Marketing – Is It for Better or Worse?

internet marketingThings used to be done differently in the marketing world

Before you needed huge budgets and marketing experts to advertise your products and services through traditional media

Now, you can effectively market with as little effort as having a social media account and excellent SEO skills.

This made it very easy for small businesses, who usually don’t have a large marketing budget, to reach out to customers

With the average American spending 4.7 hours of their 15-hour awake time online, and 70 percent of adults having at least one social media account, you can say that the Internet provides a great opportunity for marketing

Targeted Audience

Social media has taken the guesswork out of marketing. Most traditional media, such as television, radio and billboard are like gambling, where you put out your content and hope your target audience sees it

Moreover, you could only reach an audience in a certain location where theinternet marketing media is published

With social media, you can reach a target audience from all over the world

You know exactly where they are online and can advertise directly to them

You can even get them together by creating social media pages and groups where they can follow you and keep up with your brand. To keep them interested, update your social media regularly and plan your posts around things relevant to that target audience


This was one of the biggest problems with traditional marketing—no engagement. With social media, you can get your audience involved in conversations and get their feedback

The consumer landscape has also changed; people want to make informed purchase decisions, and social media provides platforms to do that

Also your in-depth conversations with your customers will help them understand your brand, products and services better

Due to the growth of customer engagement, content has become a crucial aspect of marketing. According to the Marketing Insider Group, 90 percent of companies primarily use content for marketing

To keep up with the competition, use blogs and social media platforms like LinkedIn publishing to talk about topics your audience is interested with.

This is an opportunity to build a relationship with your audience and show them that you care about their welfare beyond selling a product. Alternating marketing content with general, informative content would also work well to attract your target audience’s attention


It’s important to know if your marketing efforts are working so you could decide which ones to improve and which ones to let go. Traditional media offered very little opportunity to do so.

Now there are very sophisticated programs and software that measure important metrics like traffic, conversion, ROI…

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