Success as a Marketer: It’s Not What You Are, It’s What You Say

marketersWhen pilots and crew members pass by as you’re waiting to board a flight…

…do you ever get nervous if the pilots look “too young to fly?” I’m sure many passengers do.

The same applies to doctors. Sometimes, patients wince at the thought of a young doctor taking blood. However, it’s all about the perception of experience, not necessarily age.

Similarly, if you’re new to internet marketing or direct sales programs, you might find it difficult to persuade people to sign up to your service or buy your products. After all, why should somebody entrust his or her cash to a fresh-faced, inexperienced marketer over a more experienced industry expert?

Accept That It’s Normal

You can’t enter the Internet marketing industry expecting to make a connection with every potential prospect. If you get shunned due to lack of experience, you may be taken aback, leaving you to rethink your whole strategy. Relax. Some people will definitely question your ability. It’s normal.

When I started in 2008, I was 22 years old and had very little experience.internet_marketers Back then; I was still a young university student.

Then I discovered that my average prospect was about 45 years old. I asked myself,

“Why would they want to work with me over someone they can relate to and has more experience?”

I had invested my entire life savings of about $40,000 into an affiliate marketing company, so I knew that I had to make it work. Soon, I learned that if you want to succeed, you have to be good at building rapport.

Relationships Trump Experience

I recall a time at my first marketing company when I had a sales call with a successful $50,000-a-year earner who was considered an industry guru. I remember thinking that I’d be lucky if I got the opportunity to work with this person.

However, we just didn’t seem to “click,” and I was unable to build a healthy rapport with her. I was getting short, choppy answers, and there seemed to be no compassion or genuine interest on her part.

After that, I communicated with another lady who I share many similarities with including being from Australia and having a farming background. We had this instant connection and conversed well.

We also shared anecdotes and had things in common. However, I regretted that she had not called me back, so I went ahead with the first lady who was an industry guru.


That decision bugged me. After careful consideration, I decided that I would go with the second lady since I had a good feeling about our working relationship. However, despite being an accessible, pleasant person with whom I had a good relationship, she never actually made a sale.

That didn’t faze me. After all, I knew that it comes down to my hard work and ability to nurture prospects that will give me good results.

The fact of the matter is, you can only work with someone if you build a good relationship with him or her. And that is essentially what nurturing your leads is about, too.

Whether you send pleasant and effective emails or present engaging webinars, your main focus should be on building a rapport with your prospects. Once a prospect is comfortable, they won’t think twice about working with you, regardless of your experience.

Be Sincere with Your Customers

MarketersMost of MOBE’s live event attendees are people who are heading towards retirement or are looking to find additional sources of income.

However, it’s likely that they’re going to want to buy a service from someone who has similar life experience, and that they can relate with.

Be absolutely honest in your approach and tell them that you are probably not the type of person that they can relate to, but you’re willing to show and prove to them that you have a strong passion for succeeding.

When I got my first few sales at the end of 2009, I got off to a slow start. However, I would blatantly tell my prospects that I’m not one of the top earners in the company. But I can definitely give them more one-on-one time compared to those who are more experienced and perhaps have less time.

Design Contest reports that affiliate marketing has grown to almost 150 percent since 2000. Therefore, it’s crucial that you do what it takes to stand out and promote just how passionate you are. Remember, if you can’t show your experience, show your determination.


This industry is all about building and maintaining relationships. Work on your communication skills and always reassure your prospects through your passion for succeeding even if you have no sales at the moment.

If you’re one of those passengers who gets nervous when seeing a young pilot for your flight, think of how encouraging it would be if the pilot talked to you personally and reassured you of his ability. Wouldn’t that help you fly more comfortably?


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