Powerful Tricks to Beat Your Distractions


Have you ever tried working on an important project, but instead, found yourself wasting an entire afternoon watching random YouTube videos? You’re not alone. I still find myself getting distracted from work sometimes.

Beat_DistractionsDistractions come in many forms, like social media messages to friends and family, which could trigger excessively lengthy conversations.

Social media is a common distraction nowadays, with the Financial Times citing that it not only lowers productivity, but also weakens morale.

To achieve success in business, it’s best to lessen your time on such activities and focus on what matters: doing cash-generating tasks.

Be Conscientious with Your Profits

Keeping track of important matters in your company such as sales figures and business expenses is crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur because of two reasons:

1. Clearer Focus on Work

You won’t be distracted if you’re busy analyzing and thinking about your company’s numbers and operations. If you’re serious about improving and growing your revenue, there’s little time for your mind to venture far away.

2. Make Swift, Strategic Adjustments as Required

By paying attention to your company’s sales figures, you should be able to tweak your current strategy to see an immediate improvement.

Being proactive in refining your processes can lead to record-breaking months, and that’s exactly what I strive for with MOBE—reaching our best sales records every month.If I find that MOBE sales are down, I quickly take action and find ways we can change that.

I might choose to make a webinar or send out an email to my list. A relatively bad month will push me to resolve what went wrong in the previous month.

In fact, I have an enormous TV screen sitting at my desk, which shows howpaid website traffic much cash MOBE brought in last month.

It helps me track the company’s performance, and helps me figure out whether we can beat our previous month’s revenue or not.

Remember, it’s not healthy to be stagnant. You should consistently improve if you want to scale your business.

Use Public Accountability

Another effective technique in defeating any distractions is to stay accountable for your business, tasks and actions. When you’re about to start a new project, try informing your customers about your upcoming product or business venture through your social media accounts.

Include the exact date you expect the work to be completed along with any other important milestones.

For an added dose, you could declare self-imposed penalties or sacrifices for any target that you fail to reach. As an example, tell your followers that you’ll sacrifice a holiday or complete a dare if you don’t reach your designated goal.

Most people say, “I’ll complete this work within 3 weeks,” which leaves a lot of room for distractions. The lack of specifics and commitment make them think they’re not accountable since they didn’t state a definite date.

In my case, I tend to schedule things before a specific deadline so that I have no choice but to work. For example, I’ll schedule a webinar and send out invites to my list and anyone else interested.


When I receive registrations, I’m left with no choice but to prepare before the day comes and deliver a great webinar.

Failing to deliver a webinar as promised would be a blow to my credibility, and that’s difficult to redeem. Therefore, I instinctively block out any distractions that will hinder my ability to get ready for my webinar.

Deadlines and Consequences

Always put yourself in a situation where there’s a deadline and a consequence to help you remain focused. I apply the same technique for MOBE events and schedule them in advance.

That way, I know I have a certain amount of time to prepare for the events and can’t afford to waste time with unproductive tasks.

Remember, increased productivity is the result of being able to block out distractions. The fact of the matter is, you can’t avoid them; distractions will be around you all the time.

It’s whether or not you let them affect your goals and accomplishments that matter.


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