Overcoming A Personal Challenge…

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We are Closing Your Checking Account!

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Setting the Right Mindset

Hey its Paul…

Yes, you read that right.

My bank informed me
that they are closing…

…their checking account
side of the business at the end of August!

So what is my problem?

I moved to Spain last September to live the
lifestyle that I always yearned for, sun sand
and sea

So getting this message was a real kick in
the stomach!

After almost having a heart attack, some sleepless nights with the odd stress moments

… I managed to think straight and get my act together

I now have to visit the UK on short notice and
try to open another account. Bearing in mind
I do not live in the UK…

…so I have to get all sorts of paperwork together
to prove my identity, place of residence in Spain
etc etc

The good news is that because I have an online
business I can take my laptop with me to ensure
my business continues…

…without interruption to my customers / subscribers

business mindset

Online Business

All I need is a internet connection and I am good
to go

These days you can go into any coffee shop and
there is a good chance you can access free Wi-Fi

For example: Starbucks, Costa coffee to name but
a couple

Being able to live that Wi-Fi lifestyle is something
that you should be doing if you have not already
done so

Is one of the three things holding you back?

1. Not sure what you need to do?
2. Or where to get started?
3. Just want more information!

Check out this No Cost Video to give you a full
and better understanding how easy it is to…

Right I need to start packing my bag 🙂

Speak Soon

To YOUR Success


PS – Watch it Today!

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