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MOBE hosted the first summit of 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE consultants, which is why brand-new consultant Anchu attended and took the opportunity to talk to me about his new business. He asked me:

online traffic“What is a good example of an irresistible offer that I can present to my list?”

It’s great that Anchu wants to understand the fundamentals of a great offer…

…before he takes his first steps as an entrepreneur. The concept of an irresistible offer is something that I talk about a lot during my webinars and in my MOBE courses, because it helps all of us become better salespeople.

Before I explain how to create an offer that your customers can’t refuse, let me describe what it is.

What Is an Irresistible Offer?

Consider this: I take you and the rest of my readers out for a high-end, fully-comped dinner that lasts for several hours. During that time, you and your companions eat plenty of steamed lobster, grilled salmon, potatoes gratin, ratatouille, roasted chicken, thickly-cut steaks, tiramisu, ice cream, cake, and every other kind of food that you can.

After dinner, I take all of you to a conference room and give you a salespitch. The product? Food. How many people do you think will buy what I’m selling? Obviously not very many, if any.

Now consider this second scenario. I take you and the rest of the group to creating an offerthe conference room and then leave, locking the door behind me.

Days and days go by and nobody comes to unlock the door, let you out, or feed you.

Finally I reappear with dozens of bags of fast food meals and tell you I’m selling them for $1,000 each.

How many people will accept my offer this time? Everyone in the room is going to buy that fast food meal, because they are literally starving.

That’s the secret behind an irresistible offer: it requires your subscribers to take action right away in order to receive something they believe they can’t do without. Does that sound a bit crazy? Well, Jim Metcalf says: “If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.”

What Are Your Customers Starving For?

When people consider purchasing a MOBE product like the ones Anchu is going to be selling, they are looking for two things: a business education, and the ability to make large profits as an entrepreneur.

What they want more than anything is a boost from someone that knows what they are doing in the digital marketing industry.

online trafficWhat might that be? An hour of your professional time (at a value of $200) is a good place to start …

…but only if the customer agrees to buy within a 24-hour time frame!

Here’s how you can capitalize further on that desire:

  1. Make an offer that solves a painful problem.
  2. Personalize your offer.
  3. Make a guarantee that is valuable and unique.
  4. Create urgency with a fixed time frame.
  5. Show proof that your product works.

Personal Connections Go a Long Way

An “irresistible offer” should make customers want to buy what you’re selling right now, and it’s easier to make that happen when your customers feel a personal connection with you.

Make an effort to get to know your leads so that you can market to their interests and desires, and cultivate a personal relationship with them. Then, you’ll know just how to craft the perfect, irresistible offer.


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