My Banner Ad Research Part 1

Already got an idea what you want in terms of traffic getting methods…but just need that solid information on how to go about it…Let Matt help you build your  traffic getting plan

So as stated in my previous blog post I am going to be using Banner Ads to drive traffic to my offers. If you have not read that post “Click Here to view it”

Banner Ad Overview

My first piece of feedback is WOW!!!… I had no idea that there were so many schools of thought on this type of advertising

Both the For and Against are really passionate about why you should/should not be using Banner Ads as part of your overall Marketing banner ad advertisingplan

Banner ads have been around the internet from as early as 1994 so it is no big surprise the “Against” camp say that they have had their day and it is time for marketers to look at other ways to market their business

Whilst the “For” camp are adament that they will still give you a positive return of investment even though the click through rates have  dramatically dropped

Banner Ad Decision

I can understand the arguments put forward by both camps, ultimately it comes down my listening to all the arguments and making my  own informed decision as to which route I will take!

banner ad marketingYou will need to make the decision for yourself as to the route that you intend to follow. I will endevour to give you the latest information so that you can make an informed decision!

In Part 2 I will delve further into my research and give you some stats/update information. This will untimately give us all the ammo that we need to move forward with our Banner Ad journey

Speak soon Paul 🙂

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