Maximum Video Length

marketing and training videosAs a marketer you should be using videos as part of your marketing plan.

However just shooting a video not giving any thought to the length of it…

…could turn your audience off to your message

Depending on what information you are sharing with your audience, will have some impact on how long your video should be!

Today I want to share with you 3 different types of video and how long each should approximately be to ensure you connect with and get your intended message across to your audience

Here is an example of a sales video

Tips Video

You should keep this video to no more than 3 minutes in length as this type of video is normally delivered to a cold audience. It could be used as a lead magnet to build your list

Training Video

With this type of video you are delivering it to a warm audience, normally those people on your list who you are delivering value to. This will ensure they stay on your list to continually get the value that you deliver via these training videos

10 to 15 minutes is a good video running time

Sales Page Video

The time duration should be as long as you deem it necessary to give your product/service information to your potential customers

Just remember that it needs to be the benefits the potential customer will gain if he/she makes a purchase

Here is an example of a sales video

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