Make Quick Sales by Reaching for the Low-Hanging Fruit

Product_SalesThe question I get asked the most by my consultants, potential customers, and mentees is:

“What is the fastest way to make sales?”

Everyone wants to know how to just get out there and start bringing in sales and commissions without having to worry about downtime.

It’s good to have that kind of ambition and energy to bring to your business, but the truth is, everyone experiences some downtime when they start out, while they get the hang of marketing.

If you want to bring in sales faster than the average entrepreneur who is new to the industry, I suggest you go for the easy targets.


Leverage Your Existing Network

There are plenty of people in MOBE that don’t even promote online; they do it all face-to-face. That’s not the primary method we teach because my expertise is in digital marketing, but if it works, it works.

When you’re starting your business, ask yourself who you already know that is either attempting to grow an existing business, or thinking about starting a new business.

These people are your low-hanging fruit. They’re already ripe for thesales picking; you’ve just got to reach up and pluck them.

Since you’re already familiar with these people, it’s better to reach out personally than to try to channel them into your online sales funnel.

Just pick up the phone and arrange to meet for coffee or lunch.

Here’s What Your Contacts Want to Buy

You have two choices when it comes to products to promote to your contacts: business education, or MOBE consultant membership. In the first case, you’ll be targeting people that already own their own business or manage a business.

For people that simply want to start their own business, the MOBE consultant packages are ideal.

1. Business Education

MOBE has all kinds of business education products to offer your clients. From Traffic Masters Acadamy to Online Income Revolution, these courses can help business owners understand important marketing theories, sales techniques, growth strategies, and much more.

2. MOBE Consultant Package

There is a range of MOBE consultant packages to choose from, depending on what your leads are looking for to start their own businesses. At one end of the range, the Silver Masterclass teaches new entrepreneurs how to think like successful CEOs.

At the other end of the range, the Diamond Mastermind explains how to sell your established business for every penny It’s worth. 

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Reach Out

There was a time I was sharing an apartment space with a roommate, and during the entire time we lived together, I never explained my business to him.

Building your businessThree years later, I met him again and realized I’d missed an opportunity.

Don’t make the same mistake!

Give everyone in your network a chance to determine whether or not they are ready to expand or start their business.

The worst that can happen is they’ll say “no.”

When I say you need to reach out to your existing network, I don’t mean that you should talk the ear off anyone within a three-foot radius.

I mean that you should approach people in your network that you know already have an interest in growing a small business, or people that are financially or mentally ready to do so.

When you’ve decided who to approach, be persistent and offer valuable information every time you meet or speak with them. Remember that 80 percent of sales are made only after five follow-up phone calls.


Reaching out to people you already know, who are ready for the opportunities you have to offer, is the quickest way to turn a profit. Once you’ve plucked the low-hanging fruit, you can move on to developing your digital marketing channels.


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