If I Only Had an Hour a Day to Devote to My Business …

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entrepreneurI’ll bet you’re busy, right?

You look at your schedule and wonder how you can possibly get started with this online marketing program you purchased…

…or when you will have time to complete the next step.

A lot of people who get started with affiliate marketing companies have regular jobs. They commit eight-or-more hours per day to their traditional jobs and other responsibilities.

Many of them cite that as the main obstacle to their progress in online marketing.

While you can’t add an hour to the day, there is a way to nurture your business while taking care of your daily responsibilities.

Make Use of “Dead Time”

The solution to the problem of busy lives that seem to prevent us from getting started on our new business or continuing to develop it is “dead time.”

Dead time is that time in every work day when you may not be entirelyentrepreneur engaged. It’s time that you probably use to relax or partake in some form of entertainment.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you devote that time to productive actions, you will eventually have more time, along with more money.

Something is always better than nothing. So even if you can only make a small amount of progress during dead time, it’s a whole lot more than no progress.

The Commute

If you drive to work, you likely listen to music or talk radio—or maybe nothing. If you take public transportation, you may be plugged into your smart phone’s music player or a book, magazine, or newspaper. Perhaps you walk or ride a bike to work.

Where the progress of your online business is concerned, this is dead time.

If you just started with a 21-Step HTAM program, there are several things you could do on your commute:

Listen to the audio portion of the next video lesson via your smartphone.
If you’re not driving, watch the video and/or read the accompanying text content for the lesson.
Get in contact with your HTAM coach or traffic coach (if you’re on the traffic program).

If you’re further along in your business, you could use the time like this:

Shoot a short video while your car is warming up.
Contact your leads.
Listen to and/or watch content for advanced training programs via your smart phone.


The Lunch Break

You have to eat, but you probably can also fit some productive actions intoentrepreneur this otherwise dead time.

If you’re just starting out, similar to your commute, you could do these things:

Watch the video portion of your current HTAM program step.
Read the text content of the step.

If you’re farther along you probably have enough time to start on or finish tasks like these:

Write and post social media promotion.
Write an email to your list.
Research solo ad providers or other advertising methods.
Place ads.
Call back your leads and sell.

Most of these tasks are things you can do while you eat, so you don’t have to starve to move closer to success in your business.

Applying Leverage

When you begin to make commissions, you should have a good idea of the actions you need to take to keep that occurring.

It’s at that point that some people decide to toss their day job and go full-time into their business. I am not suggesting to anyone to do that or not do it; it depends on you.

If you go full-time into your business, you will have more time to do the actions that bring in the money.

However, even with more time, you will still have to do administrative tasks that don’t produce income, so you will want to offload those to a personal assistant (PA) so that you get back more time to devote to money-producing actions.

You can hire PAs relatively inexpensively on freelancer sites like Upwork or Guru.

It’s the same if you decide to remain at your job. You can make the most of your limited dead time by hiring a PA to take the administrative actions off your plate so that you can do more of the money-making actions.

Final Thought

working on your online businessMake the most of the time you have available to push your business ahead.

Always seek to maximize whatever time you have so that you’re performing actions that produce income.

When you start to produce income, further leverage your time by hiring a personal assistant and offloading non-income producing activities to them.

If you are someone who is just starting out or overwhelmed by it all then learn how to follow a simple 21 step solution to starting your  business on the right path and avoid all the pitfalls of most other marketers

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