How to Succeed at Online Marketing despite Being Technology Challenged


It’s possible to make serious amounts of money with the Internet. But the Internet is not the reason it’s possible; there is something else. It underlies all effective marketing—online or not—and is where you should be putting most of your business-building energy.

The Progression of Marketing

Online_MarketingThe internet does not, in and of itself, possess any special marketing or selling power.

What it does have is the advantage of more than 3 billion users.

That’s a lot of people that a company can potentially reach. But companies made millions in sales long before there was an internet:

  1. Representatives threw “parties” to sell Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay and other products to their personal contacts.
  2. Door-to-door salesmen visited people in their homes to sell encyclopedias, magazine subscriptions, and housewares.
  3. Telemarketers sold telephone service, penny stocks, time-shares, and more over the phone.
  4. Television infomercials have been used to sell everything from greatest hits music collections to fitness products and “get rich in real estate” programs.

The Internet is just the latest way that companies market to people.

All of these methods have something in common. Have you spotted it?

Internet Technology

I would venture to guess that a large percentage of new internet marketers have little-to-no experience in the various computer technologies that are necessary to market over the web. I am talking about exotic-sounding things like:

  1. Affiliate Code
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Sales Pages
  4. Email Autoresponders

I am not going to say, “Don’t worry; that stuff’s easy.” For most people, including me, it’s not. To do each of them correctly and effectively, there is a multitude of details to be aware of.

Yes, it can seem overwhelming. It can seem like you’ve got to learn it all right now. It’s frankly enough to suck any affiliate marketer’s attention completely away from what actually matters.

What Actually Matters

I didn’t mean to keep you in mystery. Earlier in the article, I mentioned the ways that companies made millions in sales before the internet. I asked you if you saw what network marketing, door-to-door selling, telemarketing, and infomercials have in common.

The answer is that each of these selling methods involves having aentrepreneur conversation with the prospect. (Infomercials are pretty one-sided conversations…

…but prospects can continue to watch or change the channel—the equivalent of a verbal “yes” or “no.”)

That is what underlies all successful sales, whether in person, over the phone, online—wherever. The internet is only the medium that allows you to have the conversation. The conversation—persuasive, high-converting copy and consistent follow up—is what does the selling.

So never think that you can’t be successful at online marketing unless you are 100 percent proficient in internet technology. Put the majority of your efforts into the quality and effectiveness of the conversation. Technological proficiency will follow.

How to Do It

Have at least one conversation per day with someone about your offer. The person has to be a qualified prospect—someone with some entrepreneurial inclinations, who wants to be in control of their finances or to have their own business.

Whatever way you can accomplish this is valid. Here are some of the ways to do it that don’t involve computer technology:

  1. Call friends, family, or others in your own network.
  2. Place an ad in a local newspaper or on Craigslist.
  3. Start a Meetup group and use it to present your offer.

Of all of these suggestions, I would recommend the third one to people just starting out. It requires that you speak to people directly. Public speaking is probably the best thing for an online marketer to become good at because, if you can sell directly to one person, you can sell online to masses of people.

From your Meetup groups, you can start building a list to which you can market to by email. This is another part of the marketing “conversation.”

Final Thought

Learn the technology side of online marketing but don’t get sidetracked from what really matters: the conversation—your offer and your follow-up marketing.

Start talking to people about your offer. Follow up with them. Get good at the conversation and the technology stuff will follow



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