How to Stay True to Yourself While Creating a Brand


The first time I decided to put together a marketing video, I didn’t have a suit or a camera. I went out and bought a camera, but to save money I wore my school blazer that was about two sizes too small.

BrandingMy backdrop was a droopy towel that exposed a brick wall at the top of the frame.

As soon as I started to speak to the camera…

…I felt myself putting on an unintentional act, like I was a successful guru with all the answers.

Obviously, that’s not who I was at all, and the quality of my video made that pretty obvious.

That’s not how I would suggest you go about branding yourself when you’re getting started. If I had to do it over again and start from scratch, I would ditch the towel and the blazer…

…and just present myself as a normal guy getting started in the business. I think people would have had an easier time connecting with me that way.

These days, I do have a suit, but I also have the money and the track recordbranding you to back it up. I’m comfortable speaking to the camera…

…but I’m always being myself.

In fact, a lot of people tell me that I am the same in person as I am in my videos…

…which just goes to show that I am completely true to myself in business, and you should be, too.

Creating Your Own Brand

As my career moved forward, I became my own recognizable brand. That brand is based on my personality, my goals, and my business. When you get into the internet marketing game, you should also be developing yourself as a brand.

I don’t think that being a small business will work against your brand. Research shows that customers prefer to deal with a small company than a big corporation, because of the personalized experience. That’s the most compelling reason for you to market yourself as an independently-owned small business owner!

So how do you go about branding yourself?

personal brandingIt’s a matter of considering your strengths and deciding which of them to focus on.

Maybe you are a “people-person,” or an ambitious stay-at-home mom, or even a financially-secure college dropout.

Define yourself as an individual in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract customers from a specific niche market.

How you choose to present yourself will not only have a huge impact on your sales, but it will also affect your confidence and creativity as the business grows.

Personal branding is a key part of successful affiliate marketing. It’s common for a new marketer to feel like he or she must put on a persona when marketing, but it’s important to be true to yourself and your own personality.

If you are not authentic in your videos, writing, or branding, people will see right through the façade and never trust you.

People will always appreciate your honesty, even if you don’t immediately feel confident in what you are presenting. Your authentic self will be much better received by your audience than anyone else you are trying to copy.


Honesty Belies Integrity

In 2015, 61 percent of people trusted advertisements they saw on branded websites, while 64 percent trusted ads in emails they had signed up for. Branding is what makes the difference between a non-descript, awkward website, and a compelling, trustworthy website.

Whatever your personality type, be proud of what you have to offer! Your honesty and sincerity are what is going to make people want to buy from you.


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