How to Spend the Least Time and Money in the Beginning of Your Online Marketing Business

Business_time_and_money_investmentI have observed that many people want to have their own online business.

They are excited at the prospect of making a lot more money and being in control of their destiny.

They are excited about gaining more freedom and having time for the people they love and activities they enjoy.

There is a bridge between where the are now—employed, trading their time for money—and where they want to be—a business owner who gets paid for results rather than time.

That bridge is paved with time and money. Some people get a bit nervous about crossing this “bridge.”

There is no escaping the fact that you will have to invest time and money to get from one side to the other. But you can avoid wasting both. Here’s how:

Choose to Be an Affiliate

If you are just starting out, don’t build your business around your own product. There is so much to know and so much to do that it’s easier to “cut your teeth” promoting someone else’s offer as an affiliate—it limits the amount of time and money you will have to invest.

It takes a lot of time to create your own high-quality product. There is plenty of trial and error involved in order to discover what the market truly wants and then provide it.

So to get started as quickly as possible in online marketing, find someone who has a quality product that already sells well and become an affiliate for it.

By doing so, you’ve narrowed down the skills you need to learn to just one: driving paid traffic.


Limit Your Education Investment

As an online marketer, there are plenty of things you need to understand, but in the beginning it’s not necessary to know everything—just one thing.

Hands down, the most valuable skill you can learn as an online marketer is how to send paid traffic to an offer.

Paid traffic covers a variety of advertising methods: banner ads, pay-per-click ads, solo ads and even direct mail methods.

Now, the way to limit your investment in learning how to drive traffic is tobusiness money investment purchase a training program from someone who is successful at driving traffic and does it every single day.

If you purchase that kind of traffic program, it’s probably all the education you will need for quite a while.

Then spend your time learning how to place ads online, how to get people to click those ads and view your offer, and how to do it in volume, every day.

Invest Wisely in Traffic

This is where many people lose their resolve. They are excited to have their own business but when it means laying out cash for advertising, they become a bit less excited.

You can’t build a successful business without investing money to get people in front of your offer. Many would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners look at paid traffic as an expense with no guaranteed return. Some just won’t take the risk and I have only two suggestions for them:

  1. Regard paid traffic as an investment (because that’s what it is).

Or …

  1. Stay at your job and learn to love it.

paid website trafficI know that probably sounds pretty rough, but this is true for any business…

…it’s the “you have to spend money to make money” philosophy that you’ve probably heard before.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money until you are sure that your ads are effective. At the same time, you don’t want to spend so little that hardly anyone sees them.

You should start out spending no less than $15 or $20 a day for banner or pay-per-click ads, or an equivalent amount for solo ads. You will know pretty quickly if that creates a sufficient amount of traffic to get some sales.

Keep track of what you spent for an ad, where you placed it, and what results you got. By doing that, you will see where you are getting your best results and will then know where to increase your ad spend.

Final Thought

Initially, you want to choose just one method of paid traffic and get good at it. Then, when you can routinely place effective paid ads, the next step would be to build your own list to market to directly.





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