How to Spend Less Money to Get Customers

acquiring_customersAs an online marketer, the most money that you will spend will be to advertise your offer.

Especially when you’re new, you spend a lot of money to learn what works, ad-wise.

This is unavoidable! However you can cut down the cost by doing a few things.

The Basics Never Change

All gas-powered vehicles have three things in common: fuel, air, and fire. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Model T Ford, a Porsche, or the latest model minivan. They all start and are able to move because of fuel, air, and fire.

I won’t get too complicated on this but you have to have gas in the tank. A pump sends a little bit to the engine, where it mixes with air. Then, inside the engine, a spark (fire) ignites the fuel-air mixture. It creates a small explosion that makes the engine turn.

When your car is sitting in the driveway with the motor running, hundreds of these explosions are happening every minute.

Whether you drive a car that’s from 1916 or 2016, if it has a gasoline engine, the basics of fuel, air, and fire never change.

Direct Response Marketing Basics

Like gasoline engines, the basics of direct response marketing also neverAcquiring customers change. Success is dependent on how well you know and do the basics.

Before I tell you what they are, I want to acknowledge that it might come as a bit of surprise to you…

…that as a MOBE consultant (or any type of affiliate marketer), you are a direct response marketer.

Direct response marketing is advertising that’s targeted to a specific audience and it gives the individuals in that audience a way to directly respond to the advertiser, by making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, among other ways.

Compare this to general advertising, such as TV commercials or billboards, which are usually directed at a very broad audience and don’t provide a way to directly respond.

Acquiring customersIt doesn’t matter how your direct response marketing campaign is carried out.

Whether it’s targeted internet ads, sales letters mailed to customers, or infomercials on TV, they succeed or fail based on the basics.

These basics are two things:

1. How Well You Choose Ad Sources (Identify the Starving Crowd)
2. How Well You Follow up with Your Leads

These are the “fuel, air, and fire” of direct response marketing.

Choosing Ad Sources

Here, I am speaking of the places where you advertise. This can be through various online methods:

1. Solo Ads
2. Banner Ads
3. Pay-Per-Click Ads

It can also be by offline means:

1. Sales Letters
2. Post Cards
3. Other Kinds of Mailers

You can even use broadcast:

1. TV Infomercials
2. Targeted Radio Ads

If you’re a MOBE consultant, you want to reach people interested in home business opportunities.


Here’s how not to do it: my very first marketing was putting flyers advertising my online business opportunity into people’s mailboxes. That’s about as un-targeted as you can get and the response rate was terrible.

It was marketing to a general audience, rather than to an audience truly interested in having a home-based business.

So, the faster you identify good ad sources, the faster you start making a return on your advertising investment and the less you spend to get a customer.

Following up with Leads

It’s not merely enough to choose the right ad sources. You’ve also got to be able to convert the leads that come in through your ads.

This is where the skill of direct response copywriting comes in. Good, directAcquririg customers response copywriting makes your target audience recognize that your product will fulfill their existing desire.

It increases that desire and gives them solid justification to make the purchase.

As a marketer, you can never know too much about direct response copywriting. Read books and materials by the masters: Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, Joe Sugarman, and Gary Halbert, to name a few.

Study them everyday and practice copywriting. That way, you’ll get good, fast. Your follow-up will produce more sales and your cost-per-customer will go down.

Final Word

Keeping down the cost of acquiring a customer is a circle of sorts: By advertising to the right audience (starving crowd), you will build a list of qualified leads.

By becoming a good direct response copywriter, you will be able to convert more of those leads into customers. It also means you will write even better ads, which will attract more leads every time you advertise.




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