How to Sell with Confidence, Even When You Aren’t Selling



While attending a MOBE mastermind in Fiji this year, I was asked a very important question by a consultant named Beatrice. Beatrice wanted to know how to go about promoting MOBE as a straightforward, done-for-you business, when she was struggling to bring in sales.

SellingBefore I answer, let me tell you about my experience getting started in a similar program a few years ago in Australia.

Every week, several of us that had enrolled in the sales program would meet to chat about the job and trade advice.

Every week people would happily share their stories of making $1,000 sales or discovering a great sales pitch that was bringing in lots of money. And me? I tried to smile and be enthusiastic for my colleagues, but it was so difficult because I just wasn’t bringing in anything—not one single dollar.

After months and months of working at it, learning the program, and learning how to seem confident and friendly with prospective customers, I finally made a sale. It took me nine months.

When someone gets worried about his or her prospects at MOBE, I always think of that moment. I can feel your pain, believe me!

MOBE Does Everything It Says It Does

MOBE provides all the education you need to set up your business and make it a success, and the same goes for all your customers. Our system has worked over and over again for all kinds of people, all over the globe.

So if you aren’t making a lot of sales, or you’re spending more hours working on the business than you expected, how can you promote the product to other people?

First, take a second look at your schedule. You might be overestimating theSelling time you spend working on your business.

Watching training videos and attending live events with MOBE are great learning opportunities…

…but they don’t count as hours spent building your business.

Instead, just add up the productive hours you spend working on tasks like posting ads, setting up email systems, creating videos, and anything that can directly bring in a sale. I’m sure you’ll find it’s actually a reasonable number of hours each day.

Secondly, remember that sales are never consistent from one day to the next, or even one season to the next. You can’t let a slump get you down, because it’s never permanent.

Get Those Rates Up!

So if you’re feeling frustrated, here are a few ways to increase your conversion rate:

Tune-Up Your Email Subject Line

Thirty-three percent of people decide to open an email totally based on the subject line. If you have a low open rate, try changing your subject text.

Add the Recipient’s Name

When you put the recipient’s name in the subject line (and keep it short) your emails are 26 percent more likely to be opened.

Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Seventy-five percent of all email revenue is generated by targeted sellingcampaigns, instead of generic email blasts. Get to know your customers and reach them on a personal level;

don’t just send generic automated emails. If most of your sales are to single moms, create a campaign that caters to that specific audience, and talk about single moms that become successful entrepreneurs.

Ask for Help if You’re Lost

Don’t forget you’ve always got a coach out there to help you through rough times. Ask them to take a look at your web pages, ads, and emails to help ensure they’ve all been put together properly. If all is as it should be, then focus on driving traffic.

Don’t Give Up

That’s the most important piece of advice I can give you right now. Keep following the lessons and keep building your audience—it’s going to pay off.



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