How to Make the Most out of the Least Time


It’s not uncommon to find people who want to become successful internet marketers but have time-constraining, full-time jobs. The problem is not just with the job taking up most of their day (hence the limited time to work on their internet marketing)…

…but also the fact that they don’t make good use of the limited time that they have.

Accept Your Situation

Business_Time_ManagementThe first step in addressing the problem of having limited time is to accept your circumstance.

If you are trying to be successful at internet marketing in your current situation but don’t see any results…

…you could quickly grow frustrated and give up. Don’t. Accept that you have only a few hours a week, and don’t adopt a defeatist mentality or be discouraged by slow progress.

Only once you accept your current situation will you be able to focus on internet marketing in the limited time that you have.

Therefore, accept your situation and make the necessary changes.

What’s Your Target?

Once you accept and acknowledge that you only have a set number of hours in a week to work on your business, you should set a target for what you want from this niche.

Do you want to make enough money so that you can do fewer hours in your current job, or do you want to be a full-time internet marketer?

Once you know what you want, you should set an income target (financialtime management goals that you want to reach).

Once you’ve decided on a number, write that goal down and work for it. You’ll find that a written goal has more “power” than one that you don’t write. 

Set Aside Two Hours

Whether you’re working shifts in a hospital or working 40 hours a week in an office, you should make it a point to spend at least two hours a day focusing on your internet marketing.

If you “play it by ear” each day, you run the risk of missing a day since you’re not accountable to a fixed work schedule.

Set your own strict timetable where you dedicate two hours to your marketing and nothing else! Once you get into a routine, you’ll no longer feel like you’re progressing slowly because of other work commitments. 


High Leverage Activities 

Make those two hours count by working on high leverage activities. Rather than wasting time on things like a company tagline and checking emails, maximize the little time you have by doing things that will actually get you tangible results.

Choose Paid Traffic Ads

The most important high leverage activities you should be doing are getting your affiliate links and choosing a paid traffic method as your main traffic-generating source, especially since you have limited time.

business mindsetWhen I first started out in 2008, I was still figuring out the best traffic method for my marketing strategy.

At the time, I learned that paid traffic would cost me money, therefore…

…free traffic seemed like a much more attractive choice; all I had to do was start my own blog or create some of my own content without paying a single dollar…

…And saving money is a very tempting incentive for new entrepreneurs.

However, creating and uploading content was extremely time consuming and it would take me up to three hours to write a decent blog. During this time, I was mowing lawns for some extra income, earning $15 per hour for my efforts.

Putting things into perspective, I realized that a three-hour, time-consuming article/blog cost me $45! It was only logical to pay for ads.

And that’s when I started to experiment with paid traffic and I’ve never looked back.

Have a Budget for Your Ads

The good thing about having a steady income as you work on internetbusiness time management marketing is that you can invest some of your income into your marketing strategy.

Once you have a budget, and then experience favorable results with your chosen traffic method…

…you should gradually increase the amount of money you spend on ads.

For example, if you’re only spending $10 a day on ad placements, you could budget twice as much in the following week or month if you’re getting good results.


Spending two hours a day on your business is all you need. If you can only afford one hour, then you should make sure that it’s a productive hour! Resist the temptation to go on social media during that allocated work time (unless you’re placing a Facebook ad).

At this stage of your internet marketing journey, when you’re so limited with time and not able to fully commit to it, the best advice I could give you is to just go for it and take action.

Go with the knowledge that you have and place your first ad. That’s high leverage activity. There’s no point in trying to focus on things you could learn or do later. Take action on the tasks that can bring in revenue now; experience and more knowledge will come later.

If you do this for one week, even if it’s just 1-2 hours a day, you’ll get lots of experience and in a week you’ll be much better off than before. Record your results, analyze, and then adjust according to your findings. Soon enough, you’ll be working as an internet marketer full-time

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