How to Generate Website Traffic with No Marketing Budget


Marketing_BudgetMy startup is out of cash and we are 2 days before launch.

I don’t think we will see any investments coming in for the next 3 months.

Not even from family members, so we need to start selling quickly.

It’s Totally Doable but You’ll Need Three Things


Your best bet is the free traffic coming from organic searches.

However, it’s going to take some time and toil before your site starts to rank for relevant keywords.

Start by optimizing your website for search engines. You need to make sure that search engines are crawling and indexing the right pages (and vice versa).

If you’re using WordPress, I’d recommend using the Yoast Plugin, which is free. Here’s a detailed guide for on-page optimization while using the Yoast Plugin.

Once on-page has been taken care of, it’s time to create lots and lots of good quality content on relevant topics.

Choose long tail keywords with low to medium competition. Since we are working with a $0 budget, I’d recommend using Google Keyword Planner. You can also use Google’s related searches for more ideas.

Aim for a minimum of 1000+ words (no fluff). Detailed posts will get you more shares, links, and respect (unless your name is Seth Godin, in which case you are killing it with short posts).

You may consider treading on the controversial path, but you need to be careful with some of these methods. A relatively less risky method is to use click bait content or titles.

Next, You Need to Go Berserk with the Promotion.

Submit your posts to all platforms that you can think of. It includes, but ispaid traffic not limited to, blog aggregators, bookmarking websites, niche communities, and so on.

Do the outreach. If you can create really good content, use the Skyscraper Technique.

It really works (though sometimes the results are not worth all the effort) and you’ll surely get some free exposure, shares, and back links.

Be very active on social media. Use your personal profile (business pages or accounts have limited reach). Join relevant groups and get into as many discussions as possible.

Link to your own posts when possible, but that’s not a necessity. Just make a lot of connections with your target audience, bloggers, and influencers.

Keep an eye on guest blogging opportunities in your niche. You can search on Google with the following queries.

Keyword + “guest post”
Keyword + “write for us”
Keyword + “guest post by”
Keyword + become an author
Keyword + contribute
Keyword + “post was written by”
Keyword + “featured on”

Make sure that you’ve changed the search settings to get results from the past few months instead of “any time,” because a lot of blogs that accepted guest authors a couple of years ago have stopped after Google’s penalty on made-for-guest-blogging websites.

As long as you’re looking for more exposure and traffic for your website (and not back links with optimized anchor text), you will find plenty of opportunities.

Rinse, Repeat.

It will take at least 3 months before you start to see significant traffic, assuming that you are ticking all the right boxes, but it will come.

Just be patient and persistent.


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