How to Find High-Quality Sites That Will Post Your Ads

advertisingWhen I train mobe consultants, I tell them the most important thing to focus on is traffic.

Everything else, from website templates to follow-up phone calls, is handled by the in-house MOBE team.

This gives consultants plenty of time to post banner ads, create Facebook groups, research and purchase solo ads, or advertise in any of the many ways I discuss in Traffic Master Academy. But there’s one more method I like to use, and it’s simpler than any of these.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: Research Your Audience

Every entrepreneur needs to cater to a specific audience, whether the product is similar to others on the market or not. For example, many consultants pay to license products from MOBE, and then create their own sales funnel to attract niche buyers.

Deb Hancock, a Platinum consultant from Nevada, USA, has done a great job of this with her website targeted to veterans.

Deb has chosen to promote our Patriot Funnel System, and since she is a U.S. veteran, she decided it was the ideal system to sell to fellow veterans in need of a financial retirement plan.

During a live event, Deb came up on stage to ask me about marketing her website, and I explained that it’s time to research the online presence of her audience a bit more.

I did some quick research to show her what I meant, and just typed “veteran forums” into Google. Immediately, I saw several options for webpages that allow veterans to come together and form an online community.

Anywhere veterans go on the web should be considered for advertising.


Step Two: Check the Alexa Ranking

Ideally, you should be spending money advertising on pages that are tailored to your audience, but also have high rates of traffic. You can figure this out by going to the Alexa website and scrolling down until you see the web address checker.

Type in the web address of the site you’re considering advertising with, and Alexa will show you how the site ranks internationally and in the U.S.

There is debate about what constitutes a good Alexa rank, but in my view I think you can start aiming for any site ranked 250,000 or higher worldwide. Considering how many websites exist, numbers like that are really impressive. for example, has an Alexa rank of 64,996 at the time of writing this. is sitting at 456,115, and that’s still a fairly popular website.

Step Three: Look for an Invitation to Advertise with the Website

Check out audience forums you’ve found, and look around the website to see if they accept ads. Usually there will be a small link at the bottom of the page, or hidden within a “Contact Us” tab. If you see banner ads posted throughout the site, you know that ads make up a portion of the site’s revenue and you’re in luck.

If you can’t find a link to advertise and you don’t see any ads on a site, go ahead and get in contact anyway. Ask how much they charge to post ads, and follow-up until you’ve got a good price or have been declined. It’s always worth asking.

Step Four: Ask about Solo Ads

If a popular site has an email list and sends regular newsletters and updates to its subscribers, you might be able to buy a solo ad. Targeted solo ads can be very effective, so you should talk to the site owner about putting an ad and link in one of the upcoming emails.

Repeat the Process Daily

Keep looking for your target audience so that when you buy ad space, you know the right people are going to see your links. Check more forums, sales sites, and any other possible leads every day, and get in touch with website owners and newsletter providers that can help you sell your product.

It’s the easiest marketing method I know, and anyone can do it!




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