How to Eliminate the Distractions When Working

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How to Eliminate the Distractions When Working

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How to Eliminate the Distractions When Working

Does this sound like it refers to you? I know it does to me…

…on many occasions I suddenly find myself looking at videos of cats, dogs etc wondering how in the world I got there 😉

The other day I was sitting at my computer fleshing out the bones for my new Ebook, when I heard a Facebook notification on my mobile phone, so I opened up Facebook on my computer and suddenly it was 1 hour later!

It can happen to the best of us, that is for sure. So in todays training filmed at one of our Titanium mastermind sessions held in Phuket, Thailand, Mike Hill talks about eliminating the distractions and finding your peak state of productivity when working

Enjoy todays training 🙂

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Focus and time block this is what my Facebook wall looks like when I log into Facebook why because I’m a human being the little stupid red thing and all the crap on the wall…
…it’s distracting us like a car accident as you drive by you gotta look how could you not we’re humans right Facebook preys on that human instinct so stop it Peter advocate or turn it on turn it off when you’re ready to serve but turn on when you want to get business done you will get distracted it takes you ten minutes to come back from a distraction
What if you have a distraction every eleven minutes and most people have a distraction every three
You have to start programming your mind to focus better OK that involves taking that I don’t have my phone on me taking your phone turning it off leaving it in the other room and going to work on your desktop with news feed eradicator on…
…and staying focused give yourself your focus time Dan Sullivan has something called time blocking that he talks about a lot in pure genius if you can get a copy of pure genius I highly recommend it it’s about a
ninety minute or so audio course like sixty bucks they took it off the market…
…Dan’s a friend I asked Mike why do you take pure genius off the market is like like it was like my first five years of coaching that in one audio course Wow that’s intense…
…He’s like Yeah but people weren’t following through with it if they had it be different but they weren’t so now it’s that element of the coaching programs
So kill Facebook block off your serve times organize your peak times when are you at your best things or when are you at your absolute best ask yourself the question right now good morning waking up early crafting is day setting is meditation time…
…so you get clarity focus you guys know that when I was I had an ad campaign and thank you by the way out an ad campaign that was doing justcCrap, and I couldn’t figure out why so I went to my meditation by the way if you those you guys don’t meditate…
…it’s not just me sit in the closet and get quiet for a while eventually it works itself out there’s no magic solution to it you just sit there. Yoga does help an incredible amount
Anyhow the point of getting out is I went down Sat I’m a little quiet room sat there and was like ah ha is going on with his damn campaign and then also it me and I had international traffic they don’t have international…
…and I had the insertion in the insertion order that I was not to have any international traffic but I didn’t realize until I stop staring at the damn screen and started staring within and then all of a sudden it hit me call it whatever you want messages in her messages to quiet time
The fact remains I figured it out and I figured out when it wasn’t busy in my mind
So start your morning or your evening whatever your peak time is, my wife speak time is like eight pm drives me crazy isn’t my worst time I’m ready to sleep on my bed number one rule…
…I don’t start project at seven pm love you but it’s not happening in my part my peak times five AM six am seven am that whole early morning timeframe I got it but what a coffee and me. And I can make it happen

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