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email_marketing_tipsAs marketers we all know that it is getting increasingly difficult to get our emails open by our subscribers.

It is just a sign of the times, we all need to work that bit harder

Personally if I get my opens into double figures I am happy. Of course there will be people who shout out about getting 40% – 50% opens rates. These are few and far between and normally they are trying to sell you one course or another!

Let me be honest, in the make money online (MMO) , IM or Affiliate Marketing niche open rates are at an all time low. Most “Gurus” will BS about how they are the next best thing since sliced bread…

…most of them a seeing low open rates just like you and me. The only difference is that they have such massive lists, so can still make a significant amount of money!

For example list size:

1K – open rate 10% = 100  – 10 clicks on email link – 1 buyer = $9.99

10K open rate 10% = 1000 – 10 clicks on email link – 1 buyer = $99.99

100K open rate 10% = 10,000 – 10 clicks on email link – 1 buyer = $999.99

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