Don’t Bury Email Marketing Just yet



Let’s talk about email marketing. You may be thinking it’s a thing of the past, but I have to tell you, that’s just not true.

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association says that returns on investment for email marketers can be up to 4,300 percent!

email_marketingThis is obviously still a huge part of modern marketing, despite the popularity of other digital marketing methods.

If you’ve been neglecting your own email list in favor of more technical campaigns, it’s time to refocus. There’s a lot you can achieve with a simple email campaign.

How to Raise Conversions within Your Email Marketing Campaign

During our Titanium Mastermind event in Puerta Vallarta, Diamond member Dale Bundy asked me how he could amp up the conversions from his email marketing campaign. It’s a great question, especially since Dale was already doing everything right.

He’d put together several lists of email leads, established a system in which two emails would be sent each day, and he’d included his personal details and contact information on each message. That’s a great start, and it’s exactly what MOBE training instructed him to do.

So what’s next? There are several ways to enhance the basic setup. Here are some of my preferred methods:

Personalize the Emails

Once you’ve been using the system for a couple of weeks and have really gotten the hang of it, I say it’s time to add your own personality to MOBE’s Done For You Emails.

The pre-written content is already powerful, but people always enjoy copy that is more personal. Tell your readers what you’ve been accomplishing and what that means to you.

Here’s an example:

Dear Contact

Today I had my first $10,000 day! Now I can take my mother on that trip I’ve promised her for years. If your current salary isn’t meeting your life goals, maybe it’s time to move on and find another way to earn money.

It’s a simple matter of putting yourself into the content of the email and using your own experiences to raise the interest of the readers.

Use Stories

This is another way to get personal and connect with your readers. Use specific stories from your life that will resonate with others who consider building a different lifestyle.

Think back to the time when you were strapped for cash, working overtime and missing out on the fun things in life. Share those experiences and then compare them to better times as your own boss.

Share Tips

According to the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report<em>, </em>95 percent of people who opted in for email updates found the brand messages useful. If there is nothing particularly useful or inspiring about your emails, people will disregard them.

Meet and exceed your readers’ expectations by sharing marketing tips. Video clips are a popular way to achieve this, and they let your readers get to know your personality a bit better.

Offer Free Strategy Sessions

Your call-to-action is extremely important. Even if you write the most poignant, useful and inspiring email, it’s of no use if readers don’t know what to do next.

Make your call to action clear and distinct, and include it at the end of the email. Your click-through rate will increase if you add extra incentive, such as a free 30-minute strategy session via Skype.

Something like this:

Call today for a free strategy session with me! I’ll share my insight about starting your own business and making it a success.

Build and Promote Your Facebook Group

It’s a very good idea to build a Facebook group for your business, where you can share informative videos, tips, links and personal stories. When your clients become successful, be sure to share their stories to inspire other group members!

Nothing builds trust like seeing proof that your methods have helped others achieve their financial goals. In your emails, include a call-to-action to join the Facebook group, and assure readers they will benefit from the content and community they find there.

Build a Call-To-Action Button Instead of a Text Link

Campaign Monitor redesigned its email newsletter to include a call-to-action button at the end of the message instead of the usual text link and experienced 127 percent higher click-through rates. Try it out on your emails!

Email Lets You Nurture Your Leads

According to The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make purchases up to 47 percent larger than cold leads. Email is the perfect medium in which to nurture your leads until they are ready to buy from you, so go ahead and optimize those sales letters.

Start connecting with your readers and sooner or later, they’ll start to convert! Whoever said email marketing was dead, anyway?


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