Cloaking Your Affiliate Link…

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Cloaking Your Affiliate Link

Following on from yesterdays article headed They Stole My Affiliate Commission

I wanted to give you one way to ensure that you cloak your affiliate links…

…to ensure you have a much better chance of actually getting your commissions

If you use wordpress then there is a plugin that will allow you to quickly and easily cloak your affiliate link

I have noticed this past week that so many marketers are having their FB advertising accounts shut down. This is because the vast majority are not using cloaked links.

Instead, they are using their raw Affiliate links which will get you banned tot sweet!

facebook ad banning




Watch the video below to see how to use it…:)

Now Complete the Following Four Steps

[All the link below will open in new tabs]

*Step 1 – Get your Domain Name and set up your Hosting Account – Click Here

*Step 2Use the quick install to set up your WordPress website

*Step 3 – Upload and Activate the Pretty Link WordPress Plugin in – Go to Plugins on your side panel > click Add new > Type Pretty link into search bar then click Install / Activate

*Step 4 – Get your Pretty Link Username manual re: different redirects – Click Here

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