Change Your Mindset, Own Your Business

To become wealthy, you need your own business. It’s an axiom.

Wages are my hobby. In my country, only two percent of the population earns more than $3,000 per month.

They are almost exclusively managers and business owners.

There are very, very few specialists among those two percent, and most of them earn just a little above $3,000.

The higher you go on the wages ladder, the fewer managers you can find and the more entrepreneurs there are. At some high enough point, there are no specialists. In the U.S., the level of “no specialists” point is higher, but the rule is the same: if you want to get big bucks, you need to own a business.

I have little knowledge of how to launch a successful business. I’m amindset lifelong employee. My grandparents were farmers.

My mom is a housewife, and my dad is a lifelong employee, too. He started his own business twice and failed twice.

The most successful entrepreneur I know is my uncle. His company survived for about 20 years. He had a dozen employees, a flat, a house, a few cars and was forced to get $30,000 credit to maintain financial liquidity last year.

So I don’t know what it takes to succeed in business. What is more, my mindset is an employee’s mindset. I don’t believe I can earn more than $4,000 a month in the same way I don’t believe I can fly to the moon. It’s not possible!

It’s Actually Possible

There were people who started where I did and achieved enormous success.

Jim Rohn, at the age of 25, was employed and broke. By the age of 31, he was a millionaire.

Bob Proctor was a broke employee at the age of 24. He set himself a goal to earn $4,000 in the next year, and he earned $170,000.

There are more of such cases. It’s possible to get rich. If they could do it, then there is some way I can do it, too. And a way you can do it as well. The formulas for getting rich are different for each person; there is no sure way to success, or most of us would already be wealthy and happy. But there are some common traits.


EntrepreneurSome say you have to believe in yourself, but that’s not true. At least, it isn’t true in every case. Jim Rohn had little self-doubt.

But Bob Proctor says he didn’t believe he could earn $170,000; he only believed that his mentor certainly believed that it’s possible. So Proctor believed in his mentor’s faith.

Wallace D. Wattles, a New Age author, recommended believing that the universe is built from the basic thinking substance, which is friendly to any progress and from which you can influence using the power of thought. If you think that’s preposterous, think again. At least, a few modern millionaires credit part of their success to his book, The Science of Getting


If you have heard about a man or woman who claims that dreams, goals and visualization were not necessary to reach their successes, please refer me to them. It will be the first such testimonial I’ve encountered.

Jim Rohn was one of the most down to earth people in the world. He mocked the idea of personal affirmation more than once. But when it comes to goals, he had always advised visualizing the results in your mind when setting them.

Wallace D. Wattles, on the other hand, set personal vision as the first and central element of getting rich. Whereas, Jan Beyzym wrote in his letters that by closing his eyes, he was able to see a hospital for the lepers he wanted to build clearly in his mind.


It doesn’t need to be hard work. It doesn’t to be a grand one. It has to bebusiness incessant. Jim Rohn said he became a millionaire in six years because he consistently did easy things.

His definition of easy: something you can do.

Wallace D. Wattles went even further with his mystical inclinations. He advises to just work with your vision in mind. No matter what you do, you will reach its realization one day, if you work every day having your dream in mind. Once again, don’t ridicule him. Some millionaires claim it works.

Putting It All Together

The proportions of how much of each of these elements you should put in to reach success may be different for you, but all of them are essential.

So I urge you to formulate your dream, to find faith in something inflexible—a Higher Power, yourself, your spouse, your friends, your mentor—and to lay down a way to work on your dream every single day. This is the way to get the results.

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