Can You Market Online without Social Networks? Sure, but Why?

Everyone is afraid of something when it comes to running a business. Some are afraid of dealing with customers; others are scared to write an email marketing campaign.

Personally, I was afraid of video marketing for a long time…

…it took me 3 years to finally start putting myself out there on my website and YouTube channels.

Still other business owners are wary of jumping into what they think is an endless tangle of social media networks.

It’s understandable. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and dozens more social networks, where is a marketer supposed to begin? It can be easy to hide behind a solid email marketing campaign and just pretend that Facebook, Twitter, and the rest aren’t even there.

But why would a good marketer ignore all those channels and all that sales potential?


Digital Marketing Requires Multiple Engagement Channels

I like to have as many communication channels as possible for my digital marketing campaigns. Opening up these channels allows me to reach a much wider audience and ultimately bring in more sales leads that will eventually buy my products.

When you’re starting out as a digital marketer, you should only be using ainternet marketing few communication channels.

So let’s say, for the sake of an example, that you should be using email, video and Facebook to drive traffic to your lead pages.

Each channel offers you a unique and valuable method of connecting and communicating with your audience.

Daily emails are valuable because they provide specific information to subscribers who are interested in your products. Similarly, video posts help new leads discover your brand and product catalog.

Facebook can be used several ways for marketing. You can start a fan page for your brand and share news and product updates with your followers; you can also create membership groups where members can chat, share product tips and learn about special promotions from your company.

In addition to starting Facebook pages and groups, you can also create a variety of Facebook ads that will be shared with a portion of the network’s nearly two billion users.

As you become a more effective marketer, you should start to explore more social networks and discover what they have to offer.

4 Reasons You Should Be Marketing on Social Media Networks

1. Customer Insight

There’s a wealth of knowledge in social media networks that can help you learn more than ever about your existing and potential customers. You just might discover that 50 percent of people who have purchased a product from your company also have pets. Then, take action by increasing brand loyalty with some cute cat and dog-themed ads!

2. Brand Awareness

Statistics for 2016 show that 78 percent of people in the United States have at least one social media profile…

…and nearly 2 billion people worldwide are social network users.

When you create social media profiles, you are taking one big step towards this digital audience and making it much, much easier for people to learn about your brand.

3. Targeted Ad Campaigns

Customizable ad campaigns are an integral part of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social networks. These easy-to-use programs are a marketer’s dream—all you have to do is choose your audience, upload photos or video, and choose your advertising budget.

4. Increased Web Traffic

Sharing photos, product news, links and event information with followers on social networks will result in increased click-throughs and web traffic. If visitors sign up for your newsletter or give you their email addresses in exchange for a free e-book, you will have brand new sales leads to nurture.

You Don’t Need Stamps to Deliver a Letter, but It Makes the Job Easier

Never ignore an effective marketing strategy just because “it isn’t necessary.” If you want to grow your business and make as many sales as possible, you should use everything in your arsenal.

By all means, put plenty of effort into your email marketing campaign, but don’t stop there—millions of potential customers are chatting, sharing and clicking in their favorite social media networks. Engage with them!

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