An Easy Strategy for Online Success

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BusinessI’ve always admired successful people and wanted to know how they achieved and maintained their success.

It’s been a lifelong interest. I found that success requires a person to not only have numerous qualities, skills, and resources, but to know how and when to use them.

A Boxing Lesson

What I learned in my short time boxing was that winning is not only a matter of strength and a desire to win. It’s also about strategy—how you use your resources and when.

A well-known example of this is the October 1974 heavyweight title fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Foreman, who held the title, was undefeated 40-0, mostly by knock-outs (KO) and technical knock-outs (TKO).

In the previous two years, no opponent had stayed in the ring with him more than two rounds. Ali was eight years older than Foreman with a record of 45-2, a majority by KO and TKO.

Foreman had a reputation as a powerful puncher, having knocked out both Ken Norton and Joe Frazier the previous year, each in two rounds. Ali was known more for speed and technique.

Ali came on strong in the first round, getting up close on Foreman, which made him vulnerable to Foreman’s haymakers. Ali landed several goodonline success punches on the champion.

But in the subsequent rounds, he retreated to the ropes and covered up, delivering shots to Foreman’s head when he was open.

His strategy was to let Foreman wear himself out delivering body shots which were largely absorbed by the ropes, doing little damage to Ali.

As Foreman began to tire, Ali found his “in” and delivered a series of blows that staggered Foreman, sending him to the canvas.

Ali had resources: speed, skill, and energy. He had a desire to win. He kept Foreman in the ring for most of eight rounds and won by knock-out—a victory as much for his use of strategy as for his skill.

Your Own Fight for Success

You have resources, too, including time, energy, and money. How and when you allocate these resources can make the difference in your success and how soon you begin enjoying it. Here’s how I approach it:

Time As I’ve said on numerous occasions, when you’re sitting at your desk working on your business, especially in the beginning, you want to concentrate only on the actions that bring in cash.

Even if all you’ve got is an hour a day, spend it in pursuit of your first sale. To get the sale, you need to get leads in front of your offer. Where can you find the kind of people who are interested in your offer? You might take these steps:

Identify the target audience for your product
Determine where they congregate (a website, forum, blog, etc.)
Place ads for your offer where they will see them

That’s how you get people in front of your offer. The more of them you get in front of it, the more will click, opt in, and buy.

Energy Many people experience their highest energy levels in the early part of the day. Whatever time of day you have the most energy is when you are going to be most alert and mentally active.

business successThat’s when you should be doing anything creative for your business, such as writing sales copy, developing new offers, or writing emails to your list

These kinds of activities require greater energy and mental clarity.

If you use your high-energy time of day to do tasks that don’t require much energy, such as answering incoming email or doing online research, you’re wasting resources. You will end up doing the creative work later in the day, when you’re weary or tired. It’s a bad energy strategy. So, identify your most energetic time of day and use it for creative activities for your business.

Money In the beginning especially, only spend money for things that will bring in more money. Right there, it eliminates things like business cards, logo design, or anything else that doesn’t bring in cash flow.

Let’s say you spend $100 on business cards. They arrive in the mail. You hand some out. No money in return.

I’d spend $15 or $25 on a book about how to write sales copy. (I might spend a lot more if it’s from a top copywriter.) You can read it and use the information to write emails, ads and landing pages that will get better responses, which produces income.

Something that can produce a lot of cash flow is paid advertising, which drives traffic to your offer. You might spend $1,200 on a solo ad, which produce clicks, leads and sales

The Wrap-Up

If you don’t adopt a strategy for how to use your time, energy and money, you’re like a boxer “swinging wildly,” and you’ll lose more often than you’ll win. The way to have a “knock-out” success in business is to apply a strategy that makes the most of your resources and stick to it.

 If you are just starting out online or been online for a while and as yet have not really got a clue exactly what steps you need to take to get a solid business base then…

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