An Affiliate Marketers Traffic Getting Journey

Any affiliate marketer worth his/her salt will know that to be successful you need to really key in your traffic getting strategy, to ensure any chance of having a successful Affiliate Marketing business

Affiliate Marketers

affiliate marketingIn my experience I have found that far to many affiliate marketers you may be one of them use the shotgun method to hopefully drive traffic to their squeeze page, blog or sales page to name but a few. This will get you some level of success…

What I mean by the shotgun method is they will use more than one method to try and get traffic. For example they are jumping between:-

Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads

Google Ads

to name but a few. This type of traffic generation is going to in my opinion dilute your efforts and give you some success as I previously mentioned

I would rather see a marketer just pick one and run with it

Traffic Generation

I am at the present time ready a book called “Limitless” written by a guy called Matt from Australia.

He says “There are literally thousands of ways to generate traffic to an offer, but you only need to get good at one. Focus on just one until you absolutely master it. One good traffic method can make you a fortune”

He goes on to say that he sees far to many marketers try to do to many things when it comes to getting traffic, and wonder why they get poor or no results

traffic generation methodsHe teaches these types of traffic getting methods in his “Traffic Masters Academy” which will help you have a much clearer focus on where you want to go with your traffic generation! Thus stopping you waste time/money working it out for yourself

It does NOT matter which method you use as they are much of a much, just pick one and get to know it inside out. Success will come because you will become an expert and drive a bucket load of traffic to your squeeze page etc

Traffic Getting Method

So with that said, its time for me to practice what I preach. I intend to fully focus on using Banner Ads to drive a boat load of traffic to my offers etc

Over the next 4-6 Months I will be doing the following:-

Keyword Research

Banner Ad Research

Banner Construction

Banner Placement

Tracking ROI

I will be sharing all this information with you via my Blog so make sure you Bookmark it!!!

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Cheers Paul 🙂

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