5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence Starting Today

Online business presenceIf its day 1 for you in respect of starting your inline business…

…or you have been online for a short time…

…then you need to know that it does take time to establish youself and it will sometimes want to make you pull your hair out with frustation

*Please remember that it is an important step in your business development, Why?

When people are online looking for information, for example about Making Money Online. If you do not have that presence, then firstly, how can they find you, secondly they will not be able to interact with you, which will not enable them to get you know, like and trust you

However with that said, by knowing where to start will help take some of the frustration / head scratching out of the equation!

“Online Presence”?

So, for example my online presence is the following:

My blog



To name but 3! So in other words it is all the online identities that I have created and used to interact with others

Being able to have this extensive reach, has helped me build a solid brand with subscribers and fans

***When starting out YOU should pick one of two and really work at building your brand and interaction with your followers and subsequent subscribers and fans

5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence Starting Today

  1. Establish Your Goals

You need to know what your short term – long terms goals are, right from the start

Once you have started working your one or two methods of building your online presence, then you should be constantly evaluating them to ensure they are taking you in the right direction. That being the goals you have established!

2. Building Your Solid Platform

The best way for you to start out is to have your own online real estate. In other words a [platform] website, that you own the domain name and have full control over the entire site

You can then use this website as the centre of your business where peopleYour online presence can learn more about you, your story…

…and what you have to offer them in terms of products and valuable content

There are plenty of resources out there that will help you get this set up. Just Google build wordpress website and take your pick of the free help that is out there!

3. Always be optimizing and improving

By continually optimiizing and improving your will ensure that what ever you putting out there will be the best it can be. By doing this you will ensure that you are ahead of the pack that just do the same old same!

That is not to say that you sit on something until you think it is perfect before putting it into the market place. Never do this, because it will never to perfect and you will never publish it

Far to many marketer procrastinate and never actually do anything of substance…

4. Provide consistent value

Providing consistent value is in my opinion key to ensuring that you are seen as someone in the make money online niche who always gives value right from the get go

Now this content can be in many forms, for example a blog post, ebook or a video course. Just make sure that you keep it valuable and consistant

Do not forget to share it via all your online real estate 🙂

5. Always be Thinking Social

I am sure you have heard of Facebook and the other plethoria of social media platforms. Personally like I said earlier just pick one or two, there is no need to be on all of them IMHO

Just having one or two social profiles will enable you to really connect with people and give that all important value

Plus more importantly you will be able to quickly interact with any questions that come your way!

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it allows you to be everywhere.


If you start to build a solid online presence then before long the momentum you generate will without a doubt set you in good stead to obtain the success that you are striving to attain in Making Money Online





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