5 Proven Tips for Email Conversions

email marketingSending a standard email to your list is one thing, but sending one that has a better chance of conversion is another.

People receive a lot of emails daily and will usually respond only to those that are well-crafted and engaging enough to make them want to follow through.

To help you reach better sale figures through your email marketing campaigns, here are five tips for improving your conversion strategy:

Encourage a Reply

If you’re just starting out and would want to make sales, you need to make sure that your emails encourage recipients to reply and take action.

For example, you might say something like: “The first three people to respond will receive a one-on-one training from me.”

I would also ask them to provide reasons they feel deserving of this opportunity and how they see themselves as a good fit.

This “reward-for-replying” technique creates a sense of fulfillment for the recipient and with the limit I placed in the email, a sense of urgency is created.

For the three subscribers who responded first, you could give them training, then promote your product/service or an affiliate offer on the back end

Remember, once someone responds to your email marketing, you’ll gain a platform to promote and sell your offers.

Use Pictures to Inspire

Sending an email with a lot of text is only going to bore your subscribers!

You have to consider that some readers could be short in time to read lengthy emails about how your product or service can change their lives. Alternatively, you can show them.

Using pictures as part of your email content is a great way to showemail marketing recipients the benefits of enlisting to your program.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell a product that could provide a better lifestyle and financial freedom, you should reinforce those claims with illustrations!

Show your audience some pictures of various scenarios:

You at a luxurious hotel resort

You driving a brand new car

You sitting in your beautiful house, laptop open, smiling and working

The point is to include yourself in the photos or show pictures of those who have previously succeeded in your program, rather than just using stock images

Real pictures are far more credible, and putting yourself in aspirational scenarios can convince prospects that they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of by subscribing to your offers.

Note:You should test your emails across all devices and configurations to see if they still look good without the pictures.

According to Marketing Land, Up to 52 percent of customers have images disabled in email by default…

…That’s a massive percentage of your recipients that may not be able to see your images at all.

Write Effective Subject Lines

email conversionsHow many times have you been interested in a movie or book because of its title? Subject lines act in the same way: the better the title, the higher the chances people would want to find out more.

Writing an effective subject line may just be the difference between low and high open rates. It’s the first thing your recipients will see, and if it’s engaging enough, they’ll read through and, eventually, buy from you.

Don’t make your subject line sound like you’re trying to market something, people have little patience for emails that are trying to forcefully sell.

They’ll consider it junk mail and probably delete it before opening. Instead, you should be personal and friendly in your subject line to connect with your customers like a family member or friend.

A great way to do this is to include the recipient’s name; they’re more likely to pay attention when they’re personally addressed. For example:

Subject line A: “Hey, John, thought you might like this … ”

Subject line B: “Get fantastic results with this program … ”

Subject line A is far more engaging than B. It’s not only personal (using the recipient’s name), but the initial greeting (“Hey”) is also friendly.

Saying “thought you might like this” avoids the forceful nature that most marketing emails tend to have. Subject line B, on the other hand, is too presumptuous with a harsh sales nature that would probably just end up as junk mail

Keep your subject lines short
Avoid using the word “newsletter”
Tell subscribers what the email will do for them
Avoid using the word “quick” in subject lines
Personalize emails with recipients’ first names
Thank recipients

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