3 Ways to Find a Legitimate Solo Ad Provider

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website trafficFinding a legitimate, trustworthy solo ad provider is largely a trial-and-error proposition, especially when you’re new to internet marketing.

However there are a few things you can do to avoid choosing one that’s only going to rip you off.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies

Most solo ad providers will have reviews, testimonials, and possibly even case studies on their websites.

Read them. See what kinds of response rates their clients have gotten. I’d tend to trust a provider who posted actual screenshots of clients’ emails or Facebook messages to them, rather than a quote that the provider attributes to an alleged customer.

But even then, testimonials and reviews provided by the vendor are not 100% reliable. I might also go online and Google the name of the provider and the word “review” and see what others may have posted about them.

Check with Your People

If you’re not entirely convinced that a particular solo ad provider is a safe mindsetinvestment, get onto  Facebook groups and post a question about them: “Are there any consultants out there that have bought solo ads from ______? Are they legitimate?”

You may have to post your question a couple times before you get an answer, but chances are good that there will be someone who has heard of the provider or used them before and can give you some more information to help you make your decision.

You could also ask the group to suggest a trustworthy solo ad provider. My only reservation about this is that since many marketers may be promoting the same offer, they may not want to reveal the name of their solo ad provider due to concerns over competition for traffic.

Try Them and See

This is the only truly reliable way to know if a solo ad provider is legitimate and will provide quality clicks. It is the only method that provides you with data that you can analyze

Buy the minimum amount of clicks, but make sure it’s enough to allow for some conversion. One hundred or 200 clicks should be enough.

If you’re hitting the right audience and your copy is good (more on this later), you should see a percentage of opt-ins. You may not see that if you buy only 20 or 30 clicks.

Every computer has a unique IP address, which tells you, among other things, the geographic location of the computer.

There are free online IP address checker sites. Take a random sample IP addresses from 20 or 30 of the clicks you received and copy and paste each one into the checker. It will tell you where each one is located.

If your IP check shows a preponderance of addresses from regions that dotracking your clicks not have your intended audience, it’s a bad sign—a pretty clear indication that your solo ad provider has taken your money in exchange for a lot of worthless clicks.

There are other ways to check the legitimacy of the ad provider. They’re in the embedded video on this page.

Ability to Convert

If you purchase a solo ad (or any kind of paid traffic) and get poor or no results, it’s natural to blame the ad provider, but in my experience, the problem is more often one of conversion rather than of traffic quality.

What I mean is that the offer you’re driving the traffic to isn’t very high converting and/or your follow-up is not strong enough.

If you’re driving traffic to your own landing page or sales page and you’re not getting results, the problem is more than likely weak copy on the page.

If you’re sending follow-up emails and still getting no results, you simply aren’t doing enough follow-up (such as daily emails) or the quality of your email copy needs improvement.

Final Thought

Definitely check out a proposed solo ad provider and verify that they are selling you quality clicks. Especially if you are new to internet marketing and don’t have a lot of experience writing persuasive sales copy

Don’t be too quick to condemn the provider.Be quicker to improve your copy and your email follow-up

If you want to find out more about the different types of traffic available to you then this Video will set you off in the right direction. Just click on the image below…

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