Well I Just Went and Done It with Alex Jeffreys!

Well I Just Went and Done It with Alex Jeffreys!

 Its was 30 days ago today that I took the expensive step of getting myself a mentor. I felt that the time was right in my Internet travels, to take that next step forward in my journey.

I had been looking around at different prospective mentors, I was on about a butchers dozen lists, so had a wide variety to choose from!

make money onlineSome to be honest where way out of my budget, one was $20k phew! far to rich for my blood at this time.

However one guy caught my eye, his name Alex Jeffreys. The reason I choose him was because I listened to him being interviewed, he came across as a no BS guy. The interview was the back end of last year.

Fast forward until last month, I was browsing the warrior forum when I saw a WSO being launched by Alex, so I got my Paypal account revved up and made a purchase into his membership site, then took the OTO Upgrade to his Mastermind group.

That then led me to his Inner circle group and the big payout to join this group.

It looks like I just may be in the process of launching something very soon… watch this space :)


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