I Messed Up Big Time!

Make money onlineThe proof is in the pudding as they say

So yesterday I tried to a bake,

needless to say it was not exactly the raging success that I had hoped and prayed for.

Bearing in mind I am 62 yrs old and have never ever baked anything in my life. So why would I do it I hear you ask. Well…

…having moved from the UK to Spain in the last 4 weeks I wanted to give a gift to my elderly next door neighbour, who has been very kind to me

I know she loves cakes as do most Spanish people. Most if not all have a very sweet tooth. To cut a long story short I had forgot to add the sugar to the cake, so sweet it was not 🙁

Like baking a cake, if you do not have the right ingredients then you will not be successful online

Being able to plug into an already successful 100% done for you business system will ensure that you do Not miss any vital part

Be a successful online marketer making money online and not Paul when it comes to those all important ingredients

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