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My 3 Unconventional Methods to Cranking up My Productivity

make money onlineOver the past 7 ish years that I have been working full time online I have seen a number of Marketers working all hours pushing themselves hard. In fact a number work till the wee small hours grab a few hours sleep then do it all again the very next day.

Whilst I understand the need for them to feel that they have accomplished a huge amount of work each day, they will at sometime just burn out. They forgot about themselves!

You need to have time to yourself to relax re-energize and most of all just have some fun away from the constant grind in front of their computer.

I personally have found that when I take this time away from my computer I come back full of energy and fresh ideas on how to move my business forward. In essence my break has improved both my mind and my body the end result being massive increased productivity.

Let us look a 3 ways YOU can help yourself:

Improve Your Fitness

I mentioned above about improving your mind and body the simple reason is that they are very closely connected. There have been many studies paul conwayabout this subject and one thing that came to light is that by exercising you will enhance YOUR mood. In other words the feel good factor will kick in via those all important endorphins!

Try to exercise at least 2-3 times a week for 30-45 minutes. It can be in the form of walking, running or gym work the choice is yours. Just get out there and do it!

Cease Working

I realize that this is counterproductive to you getting more work done however bear with me and let me explain.

By taking a break from the constant grind you will come back to your computer raring to go have having a much needed break even if you do not think so.

Go on just try it for 1 week and I assure you, your productivity will increase!

Find a New Outlet away from Marketing

For most of you building that all important successful career from the comfort of your own home and making an income full time or what ever monitory target you set will be fun and rewarding.

Because of this flexibility you can burn out by solely focusing on just this one thing. Find a hobby or other enjoyment pastime and make sure that it takes you away from your computer.

Enough said of this, just get out there and do it!

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