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Marketing Forum

Marketing Forum 

Marketing Forum…what is the definition of Forum? Well the Oxford Dictionaries state:

“A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged:”

Internet Marketing Forum In other words in the case on people like us working online, it is a marketing forum that we as Internet Marketers can get together to talk about our common interests on all aspects of IM.

We can find future Joint Venture partners, showcase our businesses, and give good quality information on different resources and so much more.

On joining the forum you will be able to edit your profile this is a great way to start your personal and business branding. You will be able to add your picture / company logo and have hyper links to your website within your signature block.

Internet Marketing Forum


You will then be able to start a conversation called a thread, or answer a thread started by another forum marketing member. Each time you do this you will leave a footprint of your reply and signature block containing hyper links to your website. This is huge in gaining extra exposure.

That is why today I set up this forum on my website. It will bring IM Marketers to a central place where they can discuss different topics within this marketing forum and help build theirs and other members businesses.

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