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How to Crush Your Competition

reverse engineering tools

Being able to leap ahead of your competition is key to getting more visitors to see your Service / Opportunity / Product and thus give you an opportunity to increase your bottom line (profits).

Getting under the “Hood” of your competition’s website using reverse engineering would without a doubt give you a massive advantage in terms of seeing exactly how they go about promoting their business.

You could then mirror what they are doing and add your own twist to push you ahead of them and grab the prospects. There are a number of ways to achieve this goal, one being using different tools to help you achieve your aims and objects.

A good friend and fellow IM Marketer Paul Healey has just made a Free video explaining and demonstrating exactly how to Crush Your Competition using 3 different reverse engineering tools.

So without further ado sit back and learn from Paul – Make sure you have a cup of your favourite beverage, notebook and pencil to take those all important notes :)

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