6 Simple Words That Shorten the Time to Your First Sale

Six Simple Words

paid trafficThese six simple words may seem to you to be obvious, however I can tell you that many people either overlook them or say its Not for me!

Either way you will be losing business that is for sure. So these words are:-

Drive Paid Traffic to the Offer

It’s such a briefly stated idea that people tend to overlook it, but at the start it’s the only thing that is going to bring you results.

In the beginning, I couldn’t drive traffic to the offer because the infrastructure wasn’t in place for it. I had to create my own. But I have to admit that I also wasted a lot of time learning things I would never need or use.

You will feel very busy, but will in actuality be utterly unproductive if you read your e-mail and click on every offer you receive from the online marketing gurus you’ve signed up with; sign up for and attend their webinars…

…download and read all of their reports; watch how-to videos on YouTube; goof around on Facebook; and spend hours reading about web design, coding, copywriting, SEO—whatever.

It is vitally important that you start using paid traffic to drive traffic to your product/service to get that vital first sale!

Read the full article Here to really get tuned into using paid traffic quickly and effectively 🙂


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