Social Media Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy example

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Having at least one social media marketing strategy in place will go a long way to ensuring that you have not only a effective strategy but also have a successful business.

marketing strategy exampleWe all know that there are billions of people online most days using such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon to name but a few. Each of them has their own way of enabling you to communicate to your target audience.

You do need to get familiar with the different ways of communicating to ensure that you are getting the best exposure for you and your business. Whilst it is not rocket science you still need to pay attention to what you are doing.

I mentioned three of the social media platforms above and I personally use all three as part of my overall social media marketing strategy. However I found that one of them was performing in a way that I have never envisaged.

I came to light when I posted an article on my blog that I had really done my due marketing strategy examplediligence in relation to keyword research. I settled on a long tail keyword and subsequently wrote an article about 400+ words.

Once I published it as per my daily routine I went off for the day and night. On returning home the following day I logged into my blog admin and checked to see how this particular article has faired in relation to visitors, shares etc.

To say the results floored me would be a disservice I was absolutely blown away by the results. So much so that I felt that I had to share these results with my blog readers and those people kind enough to have joined my list to get good actionable content.

If you feel that having a solid social media marketing strategy would be a benefit to you and your business then I invite you to join the rest who have already done so.

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